price of birkin 40 cm

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  1. hi i was wondering what is the retail price for the 40cm birkin running at right now? (from the hermes boutique)
  2. About USD10,300
  3. really? a 40cm is that much? over $1000 more than a 35cm?
  4. I was told $8500 by SF.
  5. there was one in brussels and it was 6600 euros, could be a 50 tough there, it's still there (been there since last year), nobody buys it :-s but it's black and I want a taupe one ... But you can count for about 7000euro at least I think
  6. We just sold one yesterday for $8100. Bleu Jean, Togo, Palladium hardware.
  7. It's about 5650 euros or so in France for a 40 in fjord.
  8. The black 40cm togo with pal in HI was $8100
  9. i want a 40cm soooooooo bad...
  10. 40 cm ca.6000 Euro
  11. I got mine for 6520EUR in Vache Liegee (Noisette).
  12. My 40 Togo that arrived today from Hermes NY Madison Ave was $8100

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  13. Coldplay lover, your bag is beautiful! You should start a new thread on it!!X
  14. I like the idea of the 40cm, thanks for this thread!
    Being an H newbie, are the 40cm birkins difficult to get/find/ do they fly off the shelves?