Price of beauty?

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  1. My husband was giving me a hard time this morning as I was getting ready for the Superbowl party. He commented that he could be a new car for the amount I spend on all my girly stuff. I told him, "Yep, you sure could. Would you rather have a new car or me?" That shut him up! The truth is that he loves it all.

    So here is the list I came up with. Are there others? I'm afraid to calculate the true costs.

    Skin Care
    Hair Products
    Hair Styling (Cut, Color, Highlights, etc
    Teeth Whitening
    Spray Tanning (Mystic)
    Brazilian Waxing

    This list doesn't include clothing, shoes, breast aug, and gym membership. Beauty ain't cheap (unless you were born with it, of course!).
  2. My bf did a tally of my make up when I was going threw and cataloging it and organizing it... I told him to not even tell me I don't care it makes me happy and him happy when I am pretty so what does it matter how much it cost.
  3. I think that as long as it doesn't consume us, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty and feel good about ourselves. I actually think that I need to step up my beauty routine these days. I have been slacking...and I am newly single, so I am trying to lure in the single men! :lol:
  4. I keep an excel sheet with all my makeup, price and such.... My currenct make up (without perfume and skin care) is a but more than 2000€, but the stuff is accumulated from '01... so either some purses or 150 colorful items that you can play with and be creative with... 2K can't buy you a decent car anyway and I'm not a car fan. So, whatever, one can always argue that money could have... but it's the best way spent IMO so I do it...
  5. Meh... I've had people make rude comments to me, because I spend TONS of money on cosmetics. BUT I don't go tanning, get my nails done, have my hair dyed, get facials, get waxed or anything like that. And I've never had surgeries or procedures like Botox, electrolysis, etc done. I get my hair cut like 3 times a year and I do everything else myself to save money. So I feel like I deserve to spoil myself with nice makeup and products :shrugs:
  6. I'm sure I don't nearly spend as much on cosmetics as you do, of course not, I'm 16! But my friends think I'm completely crazy. I only have about a couple of must-have beauty things that cost a lot, but they still go like: 'What do you need a Chanel mascara for?!'

    I can get totally crazy with my hair though. I don't know what it is, but my hair has to get the best care. Every three months at least I get my hair done and fresh highlights, and I tend to go nuts with conditioners and such... It's a designerfight in my haircare product basket, Frédéric Fekkai and Tigi fighting over a spot. I could only wish my wardrobe once looks like that...

    I don't get pedicures or manicures or tanning or facials though, I do all of that by myself.
  7. I spend a lot on my cosmetics and skin care products, but I also don't get manicures or pedicures, or go tanning or get facials. I've had plastic surgery, twice , but never had any injections other than what was necessary to prevent scar tissue formation. I'm only 22 so I think it's important to try and prevent wrinkles by taking care of my skin now. My sun exposure in minimal, (I'm very pale), and I don't get my hair dyed or highlighted like many girls my age. I have absolutely no problem spending money on something if it works. Thinking about how much I've spent on beauty scares me. I could never add it all up lol.

  8. I just wanted to say that beauty is natural, makeup just enhances it. :amuse: Everyone is's just a matter of how certain people interpret it. ANYWAY moving on.. :p I do wear makeup too, but I don't think I'm necessarily not beautiful if I don't wear it. I think everyone should feel beautiful any way they look, makeup or without. :smile: I do agree that beauty is very expensive..all the cosmetics, treatments, etc. So much money! If you can cut costs on some things that do not necessarily have to be top notch and expensive such as shower gel, then do that. Every little bit of saving really adds up!
  9. I don't spend money on Cosmetics much anymore but it used to be what my main splurge was. I'm not sure how much my whole collection is but I have way too many $12-$16 eyeshadows.
  10. why is he such a hater? my SO loves the fact that I like to pretty myself up.

    I like that joke you told him, "new car or me?" that was classic\

    I dont get many comments on my makeup (except you look great) but as far as a budget or whatever, forget about it!

    makeup is the one thing I dont mind splurging on. I am one of those girls that spend money on professional waxing, facials, massages, tanning (mainly in the winter), and hair salons.

    idk, looking nice makes me feel good. even if its just getting my eyebrows waxed.

    having a new car is nice and all, but after a while its like any other car, and you can wash it and keep maintenace all you will never feel as good as when you look in the mirror and like what you see.
  11. ohh how i love being a girl :shame:

    i think hes just jealous
  12. Makeup/skincare shopping is my secret addiction, and it's bad. well, bad for my budget. I spend about 90.00 everytime I walk into Sephora, and this is usually on things I didnt walk in looking for.

    I think most of my money goes to mascaras..and lately, I have this thing for blushes.. oh boy!
  13. I guess I am not at all high maintainence because I spend very little.

    I use high quality make-up but don't spend more than $200 on it per year, the same with skincare.

    I am lucky to have managable hair so I just use cheap shampoo and conditioner, plus nothing else.

    I don't have fake nails, or a fake tan, nor do I do botox.
  14. Men are attracted to us for how we look and then complain? Not mine, he knows better. If he took (or had) the time to do math with my makeup I would tell him to better spend his time working so I can spend more! LOL!
  15. i loved to see a pic, u defintely sound hot!!