Price of Balenciaga in Paris?

  1. I have been wanting a B bag for years. after seeing all the post about how nice B bags are, i really wanna get one. my friend will travel to Paris on Sept and i am wondering if B bags are cheaper in Paris. Also, do B bags usually go on sale at Saks or neiman? if so, would that be cheaper than buying it at paris? pls help this newbie....:crybaby:
  2. Pesonally, I don't know, but this thought came to my mind once I read you thread: the WEAK US DOLLAR! :sad:

    The € is just getting stonger, so I don't know how much of a savings, if any u might find. In fact, it might be even more expensive than if u would purchase one in the states. But then, I really don't know. I hope you friend can find a good deal for u.

    Hopefully some of our European tpfers can shed some light for us!
  3. There are so many style and color of BBags. Are you sure you want your friend pick one for you instead of you personally see and touch it?
  4. my friend is a guy. i am still not sure which one i wanna get but i kinda like the style of City. i am thinking to show him a picture and with the name of the bag so he can get me the exact same one. any other better deal in the u.s.??
  5. Remember that you have to convert the Euro into US$ and somehow I think it is probably cheaper to get here in USA. But let's ask other tpfer from Europe :yes:. City comes in many colors and many hardware now. You probably want to read the thread about colors from S/S and F/W 2007 with 3 choices of hardware which are REGULAR, Giant Silver Hardware and Giant Gold Hardware :idea: Good luck.
  6. The city with regular hardware is 950 euros in France, tax included. So if you get tax back, I think you should get around 13% (am not sure since I'm French and can't get tax back, but our tax is 19,6% and I heard that you only get reimbursed 13% because of admin fees).

    Good luck!
  7. If you get reimbursed for VAT, it ends p being cheaper. Otehrwise, it is more expensive.
  8. hm...thx for all the infor. i may get it in the u.s. instead. do u know if any of the store is doing sale for bbag lately?:confused1:
  9. It's cheaper in Paris if you remember to get your VAT refund. In Paris the TWIGGY is 795 EUR before 12% VAT refund. (I think it's 12) Which means it's about 1085USD before.. And you'll ultimately be paying 954 USD for a twiggy. In the States it'll be USD1055.. I would say Paris is the best place to buy Balenciagas, but you might want to make sure of the bag you want first..
  10. Except you will be charged ~10% US Duties from FedEx once the bag arrives :yes:
  11. y do i have to pay for fedex when i get a bag from Paris? :confused1: