Price of Balenciaga City in Bangkok

  1. Hi Any ladies in Bangkok or anyone else know what a regular city retails for in Bangkok??

    And anyone know if you get any of the tax or anything back if you are a foreigner buying goods in Thailand??

  2. Hi, not sure how much a city costs in Bangkok but you do get a 7% rebate on purchases that are 2,000 baht above.
  3. There's a Balenciaga boutique at the Siam Paragon mall. Happy shopping!

  4. Thanks for the responses!!

    How does the rebate work? Is it like getting VAT back when you make purchases in EU countries??

    I really want a black city with regular hardware and was just wondering if it was a better deal if I bought the bag in Bangkok.
  5. most of the time u can just do a VAT refund at the dept store, esp. big mall like Siam Paragon. the process is quite simple.....coz we are so welcome of the tourists....the point is that, i'm still now sure that after a return of 7% VAT, u will get a low price of BBag here...coz the price at the shop here is very expensive...i thinkthe price of the City motorcycle would b around $1850 ....
  6. i agree with Jaiko , not worth to get a b bag here in thailand.
    coz it really over expansive
    singapore & HK or australia over there u can get it cheaper by 20%!!!
  7. by the way , 2days ago i asked in siam paragon
    the breif here cost 62,000 and it only regular hardware.
    if u want golden stud or giant hardware it cost more then 70,000 baht here
    good luck
  8. i asked in Aug...but i forgot... doh....
    but i tried converting to HKD and prices in HK is still cheaper even after the VAT.
  9. If you've decided on purchasing a Balenciaga in Bangkok,just fill out a form at the boutique then present it at the airport upon your departure (look for the VAT refund counter) and you'll get your rebate. No need to bring the item with you to the airport, just the form and I guess the receipt.
  10. The price of the regular city is around 58000-59000 baht (USD 1700-1750). There's a shop at Siam Paragon and you can get 7% tax refund.

    Happy shopping :smile:
  11. Thanks for all your responses!

    Yikes - looks like the 1195 price here in the US is looking really good to me.
    As I said I am just looking to purchase a black city with the regular hardware.