Price of Balenciaga bags in Paris

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  1. Newbie here.. ^_^
    Does anyone knows the price of b-bags in paris?
    I'm so in love with day and the money wallet
    Will it be cheaper in paris?
  2. Jira already provided many helpful threads.
    If you are from the USA, shopping in the euro zone is in no way cheaper for you right now. The dollar/euro ration keeps changing in favour of the euro.

    The tax refund might get you a better deal, though. In Europe the VAT is 19% and it's included in the retail prices.
  3. Nordstrom's in Arden Fair is matching Neiman's 2buy2 sale.. and they the day style in black (not sure of other colors) as well as some money wallets as of last night.
    You will get a total of $400 off til end of today. It's a great deal esp. if you are in the States.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks Jira!

    I'm not in the states.
    i'm from a small country around asia..doesnt hav a balenciaga store over here
    But i'm going to paris soon
    therefore keen to own my first b-bag

    found tht the price for day is about 600 euros after tax refund
    is this cheaper than us price?
  5. the day is usd 995
  6. Hmmm,
    I think it's so ironic that european brands are cheaper in the states than in their home countries. I'm going to Europe this June, but I might continue ordering bags from US, then carry the same bags to Europe. :yes:
  7. well it depends on styles i guess and exchange rates. i ordered a work from Paris 2 months ago and it is cheaper than what I have to pay if I had ordered from US. Now it is about the same (inclusive of shipping) that's because of the weaker USD/EUR exchange rate.
  8. Thanks! :idea:I'm going to monitor my exchange rates and get the best price. Any amount saved goes immediately into the next Bal Bag funds.
  9. ^ i am guessing u're in singapore. then buy from the states since dollar/sing is weaker (weakening). eur has remained relatively stable over the last month or 2. pounds/sing has dropped over the last few months as well. good luck!