price of an east west?

  1. sorry i tried to use the search function to know if anyone have posted the price of it before but it din work for me..... said something about the minimum words used being 3 though i typed a four word search...

    i know its probably been asked a million times.. but i would like to know the price of an east west now and if the price have increased yet?

    Does that mean that if i were to place an order before the 1st nov, it would not be the increased price?
  2. I'm pretty sure the caviar east/west is $1395, not sure how much it will be after Nov. 1
  3. thank you so much tampagirl =)

  4. wow! it is so much less in the US. i paid $1675CDN for mine. ...I imagine with the price will have gone up by $200...since that is how much the other classic flaps went up.
  5. At NM, pre price increase $1395
  6. My SA confirmed that the E-W caviar flap is going up to $1,7xx effective 11/1, so if you can please try to get one before then (a saving of ~$400!).