Price of Agenda refills?

  1. hey guys! I got a red groom agenda for Christmas and it had a 2006 insert (as per usual procedure after September) and now I need '07. I already have the map, address book, ruler etc. so all I really need is the actual day inserts- I've completely forgotten how much they are! Anyone know?
  2. I had gotten the complete thing for about $70 (I already had the whole thing as well, but they sold it to me as a set).
  3. yup, 70 is about right, but are they going to bump the price for refills on Feb 1 too? You can always get Filofax inserts if you don't want to for up 70 for papers.
  4. Huh? I ordered just the day filler (the weekly spreads) and it came to like $28.00 free shipping from 866-VUITTON?

    Edit: I have the agenda PM - 6 ring agenda in rouge vernis.
  5. I just got some cute Kuromi/My Melody refills on eBay for around $12. Now I have to decide to I continue using my exspensive LV ones which I had gotten before 2006 ended (they were the 2007 ones) or these new cute ones. Hmmmmm.
  6. I got one set from LV the other day that was 42., but it's going back...found one I like better at the japanese stationary store for!
  7. I didn't get the complete refill cause I don't need the map and etc. I got just the diary and extra post it notes =] post it notes are $10 and the diary was $40 i think
  8. Twinkle where is this store?
  9. depends on the one you get. the basic one thats 1 wk on 2 pages was $33 when i called 1866 like a wk ago
  10. but that doesnt come with teh address book or stickers or anything