Price of A37159 Secret Label Bag

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  1. Kind souls please would you tell me the price in US$ that this bag is retailing at Saks/NM? (patent leather)

    thanks v much!
  2. $1995 Usd.
  3. $1995 plus tax. I just got one via phone order at Bloomingdale's at SCP.
    My SA called me this morning and told me they only receive one last night and kept for me... ^^
  4. is that bag the same size as the medium /large patent flap- it just has the label sewen in at the bottom?
  5. my SA said it's a medium flap.
    she said it's small than the ice cube I got last time....
    single flap, not double flap, silver chain.
    has the label sewen in at the bottom ,, still imaging the actual looking....
    coz i really want to get the jumbo patent black... still sold out.....
    if the label won't look weird, i think i'll keep it first ...
  6. hi, i was curious if you kept the bag? i saw it at NM in SF and thought it was cool. but it apears people are torn about the label on the bottom...what are your thoughts? i really want a medium classic and this is cheaper than the post increase price of 2350