Price of a well used birkin?

  1. Any opinions of what would be the realistic price range for a well used (7 or 8 on a 10 point scale) 35 cm togo birkin, maybe something 5 years old, in a neutral color?
  2. Sandia sells bags about 5 years old often for high 5's. She is usually on the low end of the after market.
  3. I think I know the bag you're talking about. Depends how you define 'well used'. If we're thinking of the same bag, the one with the badly scratched corners, I would not be willing to pay that pice for that bag, I'd rather wait and possibly pay a little more.
    It's a seller on eBay with two syllables, right?
  4. There's a 30 Birkin available in Rouge H box by a lady selling authentic Hermes bags who is located in Switzerland. THAT's an unbeatable deal.
  5. ^^Yes, the 30 Birkin in rouge H box was discussed in another thread before. A very reasonable, knowledgeable, and reliable seller. Make sure you are OK with the deep scratch on the side.
  6. I am actually thinking of selling an old one and want to get a sense of what similar ones are going for...I think I know the one you are referring to and I agree, the price not realistic. Mine is in much much better shape and I would still expect to get much less than that particular one is asking for.
  7. hi, i was thinking of buying rouge H, which stracth mark are you talking about? its not visible on pix?! thanks
  8. ^Jedimaster, the cheapest I have seen in the las year or so on eBay has been IIRC in the high 30s or low 40s. If memory serves me well. It was a bag Sandia sold, well used but not trashed. I think it was a navy Birkin in vachette ardennes, quite old. For the bag you describe I think high 40s - low 50s would be a fair price. All subjective, of course.
  9. i have paid anywhere from 6 - 8 k for good condition preowned. maybe a few scuffed corners that could be touched up or a little smilie mark under the lock (which can't), but there was a reason i wanted it ie wasn't available at store, was rare, etc. i paid 9 for one particular item but it was uniquely worth it and in excellent condition.
  10. Is this the one you were thinking of?

    I have gotten great deals on vintage pieces privately. I think it is pretty rare to get a used 30 or 35 Birkin for under 5 on ebay, full stop. It is much easier to get deals on Kellys (or is that just me?).
  11. Oh my. The one I have looks far better than that one. I guess I am a tough grader of condition.
  12. I'm with you Jedi. I would not consider this as high as a 7 in terms of condition. BTW, Sandia is great and I'm sure described this bag well. I don't think she gave a condition number which I think is a good idea. I always find it hard to give a number on condition because everyones idea of a 7 isn't the same. Best to describe flaws and show good pix and then bidders can make up their mind on what they feel the condition is and a fair price.
    Why don't you list at what you'd hope to get for it and see how it goes. If it doesn't sell, you can always lower the price if you feel comfortable with that, or add the best offer option.
    Good luck!