Price of a Medium Flap

  1. I just called the CHANEL boutique in FL and they said it was $1995... I thought it was $1695 after the price increase??

    Can anyone confirm this?

  2. All the flaps were supposed to go up by like $400.
  3. So its true then? I thought it was $1600 after the price increase...
  4. darn!
    the price we have to pay for beauty ...
  5. Yep --- it is $1995 because I just bought mine (medium Black caviar flap) a couple of days ago. It sure went up in price!!

    However --- I am exchanging for a jumbo size because I can't get used to the medium size. But boy, the price on the jumbo went up a bunch, too! Shees!
  6. Thanks for confirming the price increase. The jumbo caviar I know retails for $2,250.
  7. You're welcome! Yes, the jumbo caviar is an awful amount of $$$ to me to spend on a bag, but I really need it! LOL :p

    I figure the medium flap is purely an evening bag for me (I am a big-bag girl and can't get used to small spaces), but the jumbo, on the other hand, can be worn during the day and evening --- at least, this is how I rationalize my spending this crazy amount. :graucho: