price of a first in canada

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  1. i just got a city and now i really really really :heart: :drool: want a first, does anyone know the price of one in canada....thanks
  2. i can't remember the exact price of a first....but i think it's around $12XX to $13XX in CAD. holt's do a major mark up on the prices...

    last time i checked, the city was $15XX and the work was $17XX...which is just insane for the price and the selection (the leathers tend to be drier and thin on most bags at Yorkdale, Bloor's selection is better, but the leather is still bad some times)
  3. Last time I asked (Dec.07), the price of a First was $1295. But one of the sales told me the price decreased to $1195 for bags from the newest season. However, every time I checked, the price tag still said $1295.....
  4. If you browse the Balenciaga shopping threads you will see reference to a number of online sellers who will ship to Canada. It is generally cheaper than shopping at Holt's. (The Canadian dollar has been at par for awhile - I really wish they would adjust their prices). eBay is another option but you have to be careful - there are fakes on eBay. There is a group of ladies on the "Authenticate this Balenciaga" thread who are very helpful with eBay authentications.
  5. Was at Holts this past weekend, the FIRST is 1295.00.