Price of a 30cm Black Box Calf Birkin

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I've spent the last couple of weeks browsing through this incredible forum- you guys really know your Hermes! I've always wanted a Birkin bag, and I think I'm emotionally ready to justify spending this kind of dough on a bag (just need to work on DH for a bit. :graucho: )

    I really have my heart set on the box calf leather, in gold HW (but I will be happy with Palladium as well). I absolutely love the 40cm birkin that Carolyn Bessett Kennedy had. (She was and still is my one and only fashion icon.) But I think that size would be way too large for me, plus the odds of me landing a 40cm is practically nil. lol.

    So I will hope for either a 30cm or 35cm. I am 5'7" so I think a 35cm will look okay on me, except I don't want to carry a bigger bag than I need. I want this to be my everyday bag- I plan to wear it to death- so it has to be a practical size to lug around everyday. Can you fit a magazine in a 30cm btw? That's probably the only size requirement I need.

    Sorry to blab so much. I'm just so excited to take the first step (and kinda scared as well. :s ) I know the starting prices of birkins, however I think I read somewhere that box leather is more expensive? Can someone tell me the ballpark figure?

    Of course, now I have to pray and hope for a box birkin to come my way. :yes:

    Thanks for reading this and any comments are welcomed!

    dc120 (<--- not a very creative name, I know.)
  2. Oh my god - I did a google search on Hermes box leather birkin, and the following link popped up.

    HERMES Box Calf Birkin in Allen Texas

    I am definitely going to buy directly from a store.
  3. Welcome and good luck on your search! There is a list of reputable ebay sellers just in case you get desperate in the hunt!

    I'm not sure of the prices on one, but I'm sure one of the experts here can chime in.
  4. Thank you addicted. :smile:

    I guess I'll go back to the reference section and see if I missed any pricing info on box Birkin. :shame:
  5. I have not heard in quite some time what a 30 box birkin costs...I would like to know myself. I do know prices increase in February though.
  6. I would say around 4200 euros in Paris
  7. Thank you Costa. :smile:

    Can someone tell me (or show me the thread) of a discussion on successive price levels among the leather choices? I know that prices go up all the time (when I told DH about how hard it is to find a Birkin, his first reaction was that they should raise their prices even more! :wtf: ) But is there a comparison chart that starts with the least expensive leather, and then to the next group, and so on? I'd like to keep that in mind when I do my cost-benefit analysis. :s
  8. I think a 30cm will cost more than 4200 Euros even in Paris. Box is more expensive than togo and a 30cm togo already costs 4500 in Paris when I was last there in October.
  9. Thank you La Van. Oh well, 4200 or 4500- what's the difference at that price level. Lol.
  10. 30cm birkin in togo is Euro 4500 November
  11. My swift was 4450 two weeks ago. SA told me calf would be a little less. But I think it would be more or less the same..
  12. That boxcalf looks good... is it priced very high?:shrugs: My only chance might be Hermes flagstore :sad:
  13. a 30cm swift birkin is about $7200 + taxes in the US now. There is usually a price increase every year, around Feb/Mar. I remember a 35cm birkin togo around this time last year is about $6800-$7000, it is $7400 now.
  14. Hi I just joined the purse forum. I just happened to notice your post, I am selling a HERMES BLACK BIRKIN 30 CM with Gold tone Hardware. It is in pristine condition. I am about to post it on ebay. I am just editing the pictures. If you are still interested get back to me. Thank you. It really is a gorgeous bag.:biggrin:
  15. I'm sorry but you can't sell on the purse forum... You will also risk getting banned on the forums!!