price of .75 tiffany & co. lucida e-ring

  1. I have a girlfriend that wants this ring and would like to know the cost (this way she has a range to tell her bf). I told her I'd ask here because of the wealth of knowledge that everyone has! *please do not respond "too much" or something like this as the tiffany diamond debate has been done before. TIA
  2. well-it also depends on the cut, clarity and color she is interested in. The other "C's" make a big difference on the cost of a diamond.
  3. I think it starts at around $6500. Bear in mind that Tiffany's only sells ideal cut stones that are VS2 or above in clarity rating. B/c you know she wants 75 points, the only factor left to choose is the colour. Price varies a lot the closer you get to colourless. I think G is a good colour for the price, especially with a stone like the Lucida which shows a lot of fire/sparkle. If you call the Tiffany store, they will gladly speak to you about all the details. I've always found them to be very friendly.
  4. I originally wanted a Lucida (until we went to try them on again in person and I decided on the Tiffany & Co Classic solitaire instead (it sparkles so much more) but all the info we got was on the Lucida) so we went to try them on a few weeks ago. A 1ct H VS2 was about $12,000. The Lucidas are also more expensive than the classic solitaire which would be about 10k with the same C's. My best guess is that the .75 ct with the worst color and clarity would be around 8-9k. I would be sure to have your friend go look at the rings in person before giving her bf the final decision. I was set on the Lucida for 2 years because the setting is really pretty but the sparkle and shine of the solitaire in comparason made me change my mind. Now that the round Tiffany solitaire is on my finger, I dont regret my change-of-opinion at all! =) Best luck to your friend in getting her dream ring!

    PS - I think the Tiffany phone reps inflate the price to cover their butts for some reason. When we called asking about a specific carat size's price, they gave us a really high number. When we then went into the store a couple of days later, the sales associate reading off the computer specific diamonds gave us a much more reasonable cost.
  5. I got a round one .77 at $7900 plus tax.
    So I would say around that
  6. Mine was about $8000+. It's a Lucida Rectangular Cut, 0.58 Carat, VVS2, Color D Diamond.
  7. Mine was about 5,941.40 for a Lucida Rectangular Cut, 0.49 Carat, VVS2, as for theColor ratiing on the Diamond I foget what it is I will get the ring tommrow. and I can post that for you