Price of 32cm Rigide/Sellier Box Calf Kelly

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  1. Does anyone know what is the price of a 32cm sellier/rigide kelly in box calf? In USA and in Paris. Thanks so much!
  2. Tammy, if you do a search here for 'Kelly Pricing', you'll find a thread that probably contains your answer and more.
  3. Hi,

    I live in France. Today, I went to the Hermes shop in my city( LYON) and I have fallen in love with the Hermes rigid sellier kelly in 32 cm. The SA said to me that the price of this beauty was between 4600 euros or 4800 euros depending the choice of the color (because some colors are special orders with that kind of leather ). For example red is rare. I have seen it in orange (gorgeous even if I usually doesn't like this color) and black.

    I have to wait a few month for having this beauty : between 3 or 8 months :smile:

    Hope I have help you a little bit.

  4. in the US two weeks ago i saw a black box kelly in 32 with gold for 6850, it was 6100 in vegas in march!!!

    edit: wow, 4800 euros is about 6400 us dollars, with the VAT refund that baby could be less than 6K! that's what i call savings! an even better reason to get one in paris! ;) you're lucky, sophie!
  5. I found out today, in Paris, that a fjord 32cm sellier in black with ph is 4700 euros. That's info for anyone who needs it!
  6. Is there an item for HERMES VAT refunds? I still haven't gotten mine from September...
  7. VAT refund is 10% from Hermes Paris. If you bought from Sept, you should have gotten it by now. My friend wh bought in Nov already received hers. Perhaps you should check.
  8. Thanks. Is there an item for Hermes VAT refunds?