Price of 30cm croc Birkin

  1. What is the latest retail price of a 30cm croc Birkin direct from Hermes store? Since I sighted one the other day IRL, I can't stop thinking about it!!!!
  2. It'll vary from country to country ... Well, I talked to my SA the other day and she said because porosus are so scarce nowadays, the prices for porosus Birkins have gone up. She told me that she was told that the upcoming porosus Birkin 35cm is going to be around the price range of USD 31000 (so probably couple thousand less for the 30cm)? I'm not sure how accurate she is though.
  3. The most recent quote I heard was 24,900 $ for a 30cm:sweatdrop: :flowers:
  4. Eh ... Ok, I'm really hoping my SA is wrong then. I'm actually really happy to hear that it's in the 24K range:yahoo:
  5. I was told the same, more or less.
  6. ladies: are we talking porosus or niloticus? and US retail w/o tax right? because price varies greatly I was told...
  7. Glazed = porosus, correct?
  8. Actually, Glazed just means it's shiny croc as opposed to the matte croc. Porosus and Niloticus are the two type of croc skins Hermes uses, with Porosus being a little more expensive
  9. I see ... is there a thread that explains the difference between Porosus and Niloticus? I need to learn more about croc. (I am working towards my 10th wedding anniversary present to myself. But better still, if it's from dh. I have 5 more years to go! If I can't wait till then, you all know why)
  10. This is an extraction of lilach's post in the all-about-leathers thread:-

    porosus croc : the queen of the crocs very even and small scale pattern can not handle water well due to the glazing but really makes colours pop ages but colours appear darker on it ages gracefully

    niloticus croc- a more "wild" looking crocscale pattern colours tend to look really vibrant on it a tad cheaper than porosus and it is just apersonal taste thing which croc pattern you love more

    Wonder if there is more to this^^^. So rain is really bad for glazed croc then? But it is so beautiful glazed than matte.

  11. about $45,000 AUD for glazed here......
  12. mrs s....porosus is so-called because each little scale has a tiny hole or 'pore' on it.....
  13. It's like a little "dot", right?