Price negotiation

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  1. Gorgeous ladies! Here I'd like to invite you all to share your tactic in negotiating with resellers about the price.

    I posted several treads in the "Authenticate this Hermes" sub-forum. Many of the response suggested me at the end saying, "you may want to negotiate with the seller about the price." There are many reputable resellers on eBay recommended by this forum. But I have no clue about which one is flexible with price and which one is not.

    Of course, we save the waiting list by paying a premium to the resellers. But if we could save a little on each birkin, we can buy more and they can sell more. Both parties are happy.

    I have limited experience in purchasing birkins, net along bargaining. I believe every Newbie would appreciate your help and expertise.
  2. The only advice I can give you is "make an offer"..............You will never know, until you try.............. It could be your lucky day............... good luck on your search.............
  3. Ask if they are open to offers.

    That way, you'll know :smile:
  4. is luxury-shops open to offers? i have great buying experiences with let-trade and sellers on imagechic.
  5. be sincere in your intent and make an offer...

    same with many other things in life like buying cars and houses...

    all they say is No or offer a counter offer back.

    however, i think most resellers resent those who renege on their original offer so be sure to follow through on your offer!
  6. Just don't give a low ball offer... a Birkin will NEVER be $3000 so you can forget about offering in that range!

    Be reasonable when you make the offer ;)
  7. I wholeheartedly agree in negotiating. What's the worst that can happen? No, I'm firm. I also nod to pyrexia's comment about not low balling. Think about what is reasonable to both you AND the seller. (Put yourself in the seller's shoes for a bit.) No doubt the seller has a number in mind as the lowest they would take as well as the figure they would love to sell. Find the middle ground and the transaction moves forward. Happy bargaining :smile:
  8. Yes. A win-win ending is what i'm looking for. Thank you.
  9. Good to know. Thanks!!

  10. Great. Thank you. :smile:
  11. I agree with the advice of others - particularly during this economy, who knows if someone is interested in negotiating until you ask them. I'd do as suggested and ask if the seller is open to offers. But I would not do that without making certain that you will follow through on any offer that you make and without giving the offer sufficient thought so that it is truly a win-win as you describe. Hope you are successful!