Price mess up???

  1. so i was looking on coach's website at the ergo hobos and the prices seem a little off..... the small sig ergo is 198, then the sig regular size is 188. can someone tell me if these prices are correct, if the price is extra low on the regular one.... id better order it now.
  2. They marked down prices in mid December for some reason. Those are the correct prices. Scoop them up while they are still decreased in price!
  3. The prices went down on these. My SA first told me about it 2 weeks ago. Get em' while you can!!:yes:
  4. well, thats good. hmmm, i will have to get one. i wonder why??? were they just not selling?
  5. $188 ON THE MEDIUM IS CORRECT!!! My hubby just bought me one in chocolate siggy and they gave him PCE b/c we drove to the Hampton's to pick her up!!!! GET THIS BAG!!! YOU will love her...I do!!!
  6. I have no idea but if you notice the signature gallery totes went down to $230!!! So cheap!
  7. Wow the Gallery Tote is at $230! I love that bag but the gold hardware kills me. I'm anti-gold. LOL! But what a great price!
  8. I am so tempted to get that chocolate ergo hobo for $188, gosh what a deal
  9. the prices have been down for a while
  10. I thought that was strange, too! The smaller was priced higher than the bigger. But still a good buy.Imagine, their prices are actually less than the price of some of the Coach wallets or pouches!
  11. Last time I was at my store, they told me the bag was $268 (or whatever orig retail was) for the medium Ergo Sig Hobo. I told them that it was marked $188 on the Coach web site so they honored the price. If you buy in store, make sure you get the $188 price!