Price Matching?

  1. Does anyone know if Saks will price match other stores? I know Nordstrom will. Just wondering......
  2. I know that NM will NOT price match. I believe that Saks does not either... That's why I love Nordstrom :biggrin:
  3. Really? I didn't know about this! Good to know.
  4. ^^Nordstrom will match, but the other store must have the exact same item in the same size & color. If you find something online, print out the page and take it with you to the store. They should match.

    However, different stores were doing different things with the recent wave of F&F discounts... Some would not match the discount saying that it was a "coupon" but I know in the past Nordy's would match coupons... So I think that might be a manager's call...
  5. Thanks for the info wicked!! I agree...Nordstrom's is a better place to shop because they price match.
  6. Thanks!! I didn't know Nordstroms did price matching. I only knew that if the item went on sale that you could always get a price adjustment as long as you had the receipt in hand.
  7. As long as the other store has the exact same item, i.e. color, Nordstrom will price match.