price mark up in hong kong

  1. gucci just marked up their prices for handbags, luggage, and accessories on monday in hong kong if anyone's noticed. I went into the store on sunday near their closing time and was looking at a carry on and noticed that there were two price tags. Our SA then told us that they were preparing for the price adjustment for monday so I was pretty lucky to be there and get my carry on pre price hike!
  2. yuck!I despise price increases!
  3. This is horrible, is it only for HK though? I hate how luxury good always get price hikes now, do you know how much the mark-up is? :tdown:
  4. whoa what is really going on?! At this rate I am never going to get my damn gucci chain! Is this just for Hong Kong? Does anyone know?
  5. Just checked my receipt. The carry on was HK4290. The "other" price tag was 4690 or 4990 can't remember. So probably 5-10%
  6. Definitely won't stop me from buying, but for the few hundred HKD increase I could've gotten a Gucci keychain or eat at some nice restaurant...
  7. hk doesn't have sales tax so it evens out i guess w/prices here?
  8. does anyone know how much the gucci abbey medium shoulder bag(w/o zipper) is in hk?
  9. sorry if this double posts, but something was wrong with my connection.

    From my experience, their shoes are cheaper in HK but their bags and accessories are a teeny bit more expensive here. My wrist clutch was 3350HK (US$429) whereas it retails for US$395 in the states, even with tax, US$427, it still comes out to be cheaper in the states. But my spring cruise flats were HK3950 (US$506), whereas it retails for US$540 pretax in the states. I don't know about apparel though. So far i've only bought their ready to wear in HK.