Price Justification?

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to ask the experts what makes a Hermes bag cost so much? I know the bags are all hand made, but I want to know more reasons that justify a 7k bag. There is something about it I am missing, and I honestly want to know why they are so expensive. I know I will never be able to afford one, but would like to know because I guess you can't be addicted and not be curious:P
  2. Some of their bags cost 7k, some cost 3k and some cost in the 5 figures (size, leather, hardware, style are all factors). First off, I wouldn't dismiss the hand-made aspect too quickly. That is a major factor in the cost. Gucci, Fendi, etc. all have bags in the 1k and up range, and those are not handmade by skilled craftsman IN FRANCE. It is expensive labor. Then the quality of the leather used - it is my understanding that Hermes basically has it's own farms, if you will, to produce the leather, and their tanning process is unique in it's perfection - you have to see a bag to appreciate the difference. Every inch, every spec of the bag is of the highest quality. Some bags are more due to the more expensive leather, and so some are also less (croc vs. bull). Every company adds on to the cost of production in order to turn a high profit. With Hermes, they surely take liberty to add a little on top of that so that they can offer their customers some exclusivity of the brand - that appeals to some customers (I am not representing my own opinions here, just venturing some guesses that might answer your question :smile: ). Also, they very infrequently change their offerings, meaning that a bunch of trendy new styles won't flood the store making your 1 year old bag look dated, nor will they stop selling your bag. This is a sort of style insurance for the customer. A store can make more money producing a new "must have" bag every season, so Hermes probably adds that in to the value of their bags as well. Also, you have life-long customer service with Hermes. For a cost, they will refurbish, recondition, repair, etc. you bag for its entire life. They will repair your bag with the same expertise that created it. Bring a busted buckle to Marc Jacobs 4 years after purchasing it, and 4 years after that trendy style has long been abandoned by the company, and the sales person will just stare at you. They will have no resources to help you repair that bag.
    I can more understand questioning how or why a person would choose to part with so much money to buy the bags in the first place, but I will say that once they make that choice, they are getting their money's worth, imo. Hope that helped. :P
  3. Thanks :P

    That does help me understand a bit more. That is really odd that they have their own farms, i wonder if the Hermes Cow's are actually in a pasture or do they have classy stalls? ;) kidding of course.

    I personally have never seen an Hermes in person. There is a Hermes store here but Im scared to go in it. Maybe I should go in and look at one.
  4. :biggrin: Well, you joke about the stalls, but there are steaks that are more expensive because the cows are massaged. This whole discussion could take an ... unappetizing turn though. :sick: Best not to think about too many of the details.
    Best not to venture into the store. It is possible that you will examine the quality first hand and it could ruin other bags for you.
    :amazed: It happens. I could easily afford a new MJ bag, or LV, Fendi, etc. but I got an hermes shoulder bag 3 years ago and can't accept anything else now. It's a bit of a problem as I am still saving up for a new Hermes bag, and will be saving up for a while. :sad: :Push: :wacko:
    But if you are truly curious, no harm in going in. Despite the intimidation, it's a store, just like the Gap (well... it's similar... I mean they both sell stuff, right?) :lol:
  5. I think I will stay away from the store...I wont ever be able to spend that much. I have a hard time justifying buying a new Speedy25. Most of my bags are in the 200-300 dollar range.
  6. It's for the best. :noworry: It's too late for me, but you can still save yourself. :P
    That is a very sane and responsible price range. :smile:
    But I'm glad you brought your question up. That's what the forum is for, giving us what we want... PURSES!!! :nuts: and more.
    I guess if anyone else has any thoughts about the cost of Hermes they can surely add to what I wrote... I am far from any expert...
    Do you feel any more comfortable about the prices now though - I mean do they seem slightly less insane (not entirely, maybe, but slightly?)?
  7. Couldn't agree with you more! It even ruined my Chanels for me. I am not going to waste any more money on LV or Chanel, and just buy one or two Hermes items a year (that means I've already met my quota for this year, and it's only April!:cry: :cry:
  8. Hermes bags, particularly Birkins and Kellys, are status symbols, carried by celebrities and royalty. It's like an exclusive club. People want to be part of that club, and $8k is a small amount to belong to that exclusive club. Why do people buy luxury cars and watches? To impress other people.
  9. Don't be scared! I am learning how to deal with SA's more and more. Dress nicely and carry a good bag. I went into NM and got excellent treatment and I think part of it may be related to my having my Spy bag, that was obviously real with me.
    Know what you want. I only have one Hermes Kelly, but research what you want so you don't go in ignorant. When dealing with SA's I have found I know more about certain brands than they do.
    If they still treat you badly-have a plan B in mind. The PF girls can give you info on were other Hermes boutiques/stores are located.
    I am still a little intimidated by SA's, but I am getting better at dealing with them.
    I don't know if you can get an account with the store, but I found at NM and Saks having an account helps. If you want start by calling an SA at the store and making an inquiry about what is available in stock. Don't let them intimidate you. They are just as human as we are.
    P.S. Look what happened to Oprah, bad SA behavior is everywhere. We had a whole nightmare thread on a Chanel Boutique the other day as well. We all have to learn to blow off stupid behavior.
  10. this is a cynical view. mind you, i don't disagree, for some people, the only appeal of Hermes is the status. But that is not the only reason. i have a shoulder bag that is worth every penny (at the time it was just under 3k - 3 years ago) and no one would know it was Hermes. when i've posted pictures of it, most people, even ardent Hermes fans and customers, have never seen the style before. So I get no label-recognition when I use it every day. Now that doesn't stop me from craving a kelly of course. But I would like to think that it's because of the quality and just amazing design. With my friends, they are more likely to think less of me than more if/when I spend that amount of money on a purse. :lol:
  11. all good points, fendigal, but i think, if i'm not mistaken, kiari is purely window-shopping. she was wondering about seeing first hand what all the fuss was about, not about placing an order for herself. one hermes wallet would eat up an entire LV purse allowance. :sad2:
    but i do agree that anyone should feel welcome to browse in a store, so by all means, kiari should not feel like it's off limits to her, but she might be better off not going down that rabbit hole. :P
  12. Agree again! No one around here knows about my hermes bags, and I actually like it that way. It's just the feeling of exhilaration I get everytime I look at them and touch them. They really are works of art.
  13. Correct, I would never be able to buy an Hermes Bag.

    And I hope the other gal didn't buy the purse simply to up her status. Thats really kinda sad. I would buy a fancy car, because I think the nice quality, not because what it says to other people about me. But then again a nice car for me is a Benz, not a maserratti (sp). If that makes any sense.

    I enjoy looking at all your Birkins and Kelly's :P But I don't think I will ever be an owner simply because they cost way too much for me.
  14. no doubt about it, they cost A LOT. i don't think status even justifies or makes the cost worth it. they really are art, at least to me. the details and quality just elevate it above an accessory, and certainly for the price I would want to get more satisfaction from the object then just as a bag to transport your lipstick, and other valuables. :P
  15. Really? In SoCal you think no one can id an hermes?
    It's so funny really. I just assume everyone walking around is as obsessed about them as I am, which really shows how obsessed I am. :shame: