Price is Right just gave away a Chanel today

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  1. I could not believe it when I saw that the Price is Right actually had a purple Chanel as part of a prize.:wtf:

    I never watch the show but had it on by chance as I was working in the kitchen. I stopped dead when I heard the announcer describe it, thinking, This can't be true. But, it was. It was bundled with a car and some other stuff. The winner's wife ran up to the car - I would have run for the purse!

    It was similar to this:

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  2. Wow!! That's awesome!!! I never seen that before!! I wish I was that wife! I'd so run up to the Chanel too!! Hahah
  3. nice color, How i wish I can still find this color in the boutique
  4. I saw it. It was jersey material. I was in the kitchen too and stopped in my tracks when I heard chanel bag. I had to rewind it, to check out the purse.
    Too funny!
  5. I was watching it and saw this too! Didn't he win the showcase too?? I missed the end of it because I was on a call. Lol