Price increases?

  1. With LV increasing their prices today for the third time this year :hysteric:, I started wondering how often it happens with other brands. I noticed that Balenciaga prices are going up with the SS07 line, which is not all that unusual right before the holidays. Does anyone know how often this happens with Bbags?
  2. The 3rd time this year. Well, I guess they know everyone will pay it regardless. I used to be soooo into LV. But here in OC every woman/girl you see has a LV on her arm. So I got away from it.
  3. what are bbags going up to?
  4. Are they ???:wtf:
  5. Only thing I know City style will be $1290
  6. maybe the price increases are getting muddled up with the NEW giant range... as far as I know B-Bags have had only 1 price increase that was before the 06 f/w range came out... i could be wrong though...
  7. I recently ordered city from NM..It is on the way but she charged me $1290 Plus tax :shrugs: I was bit freaking out coz' She told me $1195 when I placed an order but when I saw my credit card statement online it was $1290 Plus shipping...hmmm hmm I really dont know what is going on..I might complain the fact that she did not call me and let me know about price increase and just charged me and shipped it out.
  8. I would definitely call because something is not right. I was just at NM today and all the city bags are still $1195. Maybe she charged you for the wrong bag. Is the part-time around that price?
  9. Thanks..I will wait couple of days I think it should be here Sometime this week..and find out if I need to contact SA or not..But 100% sure she told me City style`~ hmm
  10. Are you sure the $1290 isn't the $1195 plus tax?
  11. Nope~Coz' I should not get charged tax
    First it is different State and second if she send item as gift they will not charge me tax..just shipping fee..hmm..Maybe she messed up ? :shrugs:
  12. I was told at the store that carries them here in Antwerp that prices would go up when they get their new bags in December... :sad:
    .. but existing bags in store will still be at old prices so it's just for the new stock..
  13. Even if you are in a diffferent state, if their is a Neimans in your state they still have to charge you tax.

  14. are you sure no tax? If you have a NM in your state you still get charged Tax even if you order from a different one out of state... and what do you mean about the sending as a gift ??