Price increases?

  1. Does Hermes increase prices once a year? twice a year? when does the hike usually happen? what has been the average % increase? :confused1:
  2. ooh i hope not! there was just one in the spring.
  3. Geez, I hope not! I do know that Cartier is raising prices Sept 1st.
  4. I know here, RC, it usually happens in the New Year, late January.

    ugh...I hate it...more excuse to buy up big at Christmas, I say!
  5. smarty smarterson!!!
  6. Thanks gals! I know Chanel just had one in the spring and now another is scheduled for Nov. Sounds like Hermes just might be once a year and maybe around Spring in the states...I guess we shall see.
  7. Wasnt it in feb in the US???
  8. My store in the states has had its price increase in February.
  9. traditionally, the price increase has been in February
  10. LOL - Ours is probably MEANT to be Feb, but they get in early!! LOL!!
  11. How nice of them!:p
  12. Two words that fill me with dread RC.... price increase :push:
  13. ^ I only know because I bought my Massai in late Jan this year, and a week later it had gone up almost $1000.

    I was glad I whacked it on the old credit card, which is unlike me...I must have sensed it....LOL!
  14. Whoa!! a $1000 price increase! Darn, that is the style I want next...better look into it before February!
  15. Me too!..but I'd rather be somewhat prepared vs in total shock!;)