price increases?

  1. hey everyone,

    i've been lurking off and on for awhile and i have a question. i've seen some references to a price increase? what is being affected? i'm dying for a chanel GST and if this is affected by the price, maybe i should get it now...i was hoping to wait until i pass some of the CPA exam and my birthday. if i get waitlisted, will i be grandfathered in with the old price? tia!
  2. old price was 1650, new price is 1750.
  3. ^:yes: yes, the price increase has been in effect for about 2 months now.
  4. Diane @ Saks told me her thoughts abou the rumor that Chanel will increase price again later this year. Her guess is the Medallion and GST had a relatively minor increase compared with the timeless classic collection. Very likely Chanel is going to raise the price for these collections again to match the Timeless price increase.

    Everything is not 100% sure. But if you seriously consider buying the GST, better do it now.
  5. since it is a classic piece, it will probably go up anyways... if not sooner, within the next 6 months, later next year??

    -im also eye-ing the GST, and it will probably be my next bag -i would just take the dive if i were you, because it's a great bag and it's definetly a classic... so worth the money (and the 100$ increase is not as bad as the flaps that went up 3-400$!!)... good luck!
  6. i have heard that the price will go up again either in april or may....
    i dont know by how much tho
    OOps, CAPS lock,sorry!

    What does that part mean?
  8. so only the handbags have been affected so far?
  9. Other than all the Hollywood "It Girls" carrying Chanels, what's causing all these crazy price increases? I was suffering sticker shock this past weekend while pawing all the Chanel bags at NM. If they get any higher, we'll all have to take out a 2nd mortgage just to get a jumbo flap!:wtf:
  10. Prada, I am not sure why people think they may goup again{?}
    Chanel doesn't go up frequently like LV or some other brands. . . so I'm confused! LOL!
  11. swanky, this is what my SA told me. Prior to Feb 1, she said that GST would go up $100 on Feb 1 and go up some more later (either April or May). I hope this is not true since I am totally broke now....
  12. I think all european brand of bags are for up for the price also 1 of them... in April...