Price Increases in February?

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  1. Has anybody heard rumors about price increases in February? And if so, do you know by how much? Thanks.
  2. Oh gawd I really hope not! I'm going to buy a small bag in Feb and something else!
  3. My SA said yes, price increase before the end of the month, and she didnt know the percent. There goes my Suhali lock it!
  4. Before the end of Feb? Ok I think I should be ok i hope!
  5. NO, she said before the end of January.:wtf:
  6. oh no!! my bday is feb 9th!
  7. I think they will do it ja end since my sa said epi new color will come out feb1
  8. OH NO....:wtf: is it worldwide?:confused1:
  9. NOOO, not another one! :cry:
  10. Oh nooooooo, I am planning of getting my Epi Lockit in March :sad:
  11. NO NO NO NO NO NO, I really hope there is no price increase.
  12. Yep another one is coming... my SA cautioned me in Dec to get the permanent items I want first. :tdown:
  13. That is BS! UGH!
  14. When was the last one? A year ago?

    I'm probably a jerk for saying this but I have no plans to buy anything from LV for awhile after today (got a MC wapity and spare accordeon chain this afternoon, and last week got my beloved grey inclusion PM bangle), so I'm just relieved to have everything I want already. I mean, within reason; I WANT a verone suhali lockit PM but that wasn't going to happen regardless of a price hike.
  15. uh-oh.. i think i need to head to lv.. oh wait i'm on a ban.. :crybaby:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.