Price Increase

  1. I haven't had the chance to check the website yet, but has there been a price hike? Or was it a load of phooey?
  2. from what i can tell, the prices appear to be the same, at least on elux :p
  3. WHEW! :yahoo:
  4. i am sure it will happen. and soon. if not today-tomorrow. if not tomorrow-the next day. and so on and so forth. some reputable sa's have verified the info.
  5. the mini lin speedy on elux went from 670 to 675
  6. I don't know if they have or not but I heard one SA telling someone that the prices would be going up soon.
  7. i always thought the mini lin speedy was $675

  8. Yes, it's always been $675. :yes:
  9. But wait, was the mini lin cles always $165? Or was it $150 before? :confused1:
  10. it was, that's what i paid back at the beginning of december
  11. No,I believe it's $165
  12. I picked up my mc heart purse today from the ala moana boutique in hawaii and there wasn't any increase. My sa even told me that they lowered the price on some items. I inquired about those but then my bf looked about ready to drag me out so I had to leave. =/ That's ok though, I can always go back without him. =)