Price increase???

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  1. All the SA's I have talked to in the Chicagoland area, at all 3 stores are adamantly denying a price increase? What do you guys think?
  2. I just called my LV yesturday and mentioned it and they replied " Inventory is coming up but no price increase that we know of"
  3. Well, when the last price increase occured, my entire store denied it up until the day of the price change. I think they are not allowed to comment. Maybe the manager is the only one who knows for sure and they are not allowed to tell SA's.:shrugs:
  4. Yea, I inquired with a SA at the Macy's store in Oak Brook and then the Sak's on Michigan AVe -and both times, they knew nothing about a price increase! Who knows...maybe they only find out a week before it actually goes into effect or something? Not sure....

  5. Yea...that makes sense!
  6. Same here, I live in NJ and the LV in Paramus-GSP Mall & Riverside Square Mall say they have no idea and have not heard of any price increase. The SA's may not know.
  7. I just called 866-VUITTON. The CSR told me there will not be a price increase. She said there was a price increase couple months ago already.
  8. Here's hoping for no increase:yes:
  9. Hopefully there won't be an increase!
  10. ...WITH THIS SAID...who came out and told everyone about a price increase to begin with and where did they get their information? Maybe then it was a scare tactic to get that person to buy? I don't know....all these price increases seem pretty obserd!

    ...i think there will be a price increase, but I think it is on a item basis - not over the board. At least this is what I have gotten from other price increases in the part....who knows, only time will tell!
  11. It seems like no one has lived thru a past price increase lol. What does history say?
  12. Same experience with me as well. I went to 2 LV boutiques, and NO ONE knew about the price increase. I even talked to the manager, and she knew NOTHING for Feb 1st.
  13. I asked a couple of weeks ago and the SA said they didn't the past I have had SAs tell me when there would be one in the next month or so...aarrgg!! i really shouldn't buy anything now but i am scared to risk the price increase!!!
  14. Well, last year for 2006, wasn't it Feb., June, and Nov. there were all price increases right? So, maybe the same for this year.
  15. heard from a different source that it'll be some time in march. i think one is definitely coming up shortly just don't know exactly when.