price increase?

  1. can anyone tell me how many price increase does H have each year?

    once or twice?

  2. I believe it's only once.
  3. ^^^ Yes, every January 1st (at least here in Europe)
  4. On Sat., I saw a 35 cm Birkin that was still $7.4K. My SA says the price will go up in Feb., no matter what year it was made.
  5. Yep in Chicago the prices increase in Feb.
  6. ^^ My SA confirmed that too.. price increase starts Feb!
  7. Unfortunately i'm going to Paris in April :sad:
  8. in UK prices already increased last week
  9. Prices have already gone up here too in Australia.
  10. I believe the US is the last market to implement the price increase.
  11. Yep - in the US, I was told the price increase occurs right after the Feb. podium. A 35 cm clemence Birkin was still 7400 last week when I visited.
  12. I think the prices are high enough!:cursing: :shrugs:
  13. Lovehermes I have to second that comment!!!^^
  14. Do they increase prices every year??????:confused1:
  15. Yes they do. :crybaby: