Price Increase

  1. This is interesting. I just called all the CA stores, PA and AZ and they ALL said NO PRICE INCREASE! They said last one was in Nov. and there is not one scheduled. I told them I heard it was in Feb. and they said wasn't so. One person in AZ told me that headquarters lets them know a month in advance and they weren't told anything. So, I can't remember when the first person on PF let us know about it, but could they be wrong???? Also if any SA's are "listening" could you let us know.

  2. I thought that SAs weren't supposed to tell clients that they're having a price increase! Before the Nov increase, weren't there SAs who didn't even know about the increase?

    Great news if there isn't going to be one...that'd be awesome! :biggrin:
  3. SA's never say when the price increases really are, I called on the last day of October 10 minutes before closing and they wouldn't confirm a price increase :rolleyes:
  4. when i was talking to the sa's at beverly center , they confirmed it.
  5. Also, just to add.
    I just got off the phone with 866vuitton
    I started off by asking if they damier geant loup will be affected by the price increase in Febuary...the girl I was talking to had to pause for about 15 seconds before she said "We're not sure what will be affected yet, try calling back sooner to the date"
  6. Ugh boooooo to the price increase!! :sad:
  7. hey im totally down for NO price increase lol
  8. I can't believe they out and out lied! Okay so the only place to get the truth is right here! So since they are going to have a price increase (obviously), does that mean everything goes up? The reason I called those stores is I'm really wanting that pochette wallet in pomme d'amour and I wanted to know if that would be affected or not. Another thing. My LV only has 2 of those in stock. When a new color comes out does the store usually get more in or once those 2 are gone, they're done. Advice?
  9. The truth is that there will be a price increase in February yes indeedy!!:yes:
  10. Does the increase apply to Canada as well?
  11. I'll be talking to my SA in a couple minutes in Chicago and see what he says! I'm mostly concerned about the new S/S bags being affected and the prices not matching the look book prices (that happened with the Groom).
  12. Ugh. price increase. Even if you're on the list before the price increase, you probably get the price increase anyway. Thank god I ordered the two things yesterday... boo hiss, but the good news is that all our already purchased bags are going up in value... got my indigo bedford on today, can't buy her now for what I paid for her then....same with perle...
  13. :crybaby:
  14. I talked to a LV SA today (LV boutique in Atlanta) and he told me he thinks it will be around February or March and the increase will be about 7%. He told me they only tell them like a week or two ahead of time about the price change. The LV SA at Saks told me they only get about two days notice about a price change.
  15. Just spoke with my SA at Saks...and he says they're expecting an increase but no idea whether new Spring bags will be affected.