Price increase

  1. Sad news. I just received an email from my local BV boutique stating that prices will increase for the 2nd time this year. :tdown:

    Has anyone else heard the same thing and/or have more information?
  2. Gah, no!

    Did you get a date?
  3. I wonder if BV has noticed the lack of new reveals in this forum this year. There will be even less.
  4. I can't afford a price increase :crybaby::shucks:
  5. I wonder if it will be across the board or only some styles
    they have done that in the past where they have only marked up some styles
    then came back and marked up the rest
    I guess it is what traffic will bear
  6. That is exactly what is happening with this price increase.
    The handbags that are going up in price were not increased last spring.
    Except for the cabats....
  7. It's just as well that nothing from BV has been turning me on the past couple of years. I'm happy with what I have. I dream of a knot but I have plenty of other dressy clutches.
  8. cabat price is going up again?!?
  9. Is the price increase just for bags?
  10. Thats ridiculous. People are having a tough time with money as it is.
  11. Aw, that's disappointing. Ah, well - I don't intend to buy anything else until I finish my degree (though who knows how pricey things will be then, LOL)
  12. as much as I love BV bags... if the increase is significant certainly will think

    twice about buying/spending it on a BV bag....
  13. Oh well. That's it. I'm done!
  14. Sadly, yes. The medium nappa Cabat now costs HK$44,800. It was HK$41,000 a month or so ago. :shocked:
  15. o.m.g.