Price increase???

  1. I agree, I think we will see a pick up in the secondary market, and more vigorous buying from the sales at the department stores.

    I visited my closet today and looked at my BV. I think I am satisfied for now. The items I am most interested in finding are from several seasons ago anyway.
  2. I don't have a BV SA anymore and that might be a good thing.

    SS = my invitation surely got lost in the mail. I do have my hat picked out to wear on Friday. A lovely navy vintage number. lol
  3. Gotta love LVMH!

    Hate to sound judgmental, but anyone who rushes to buy, to 'beat the increase', is just encouraging this nonsense.

    Prices have to go up, from time to time, of course, but this (especially with the cynical forewarning, every time!) is clearly artificial and just designed to make people part with their money.
  4. chloehandbags- good point.
  5. Literally two days ago I purchased from a BV boutique for the first time. The SA was very patient with me and knew I was trying to decide whether or not to purchase. I did end up getting the bag and as she was ringing me up told me pricing would be going up probably sometime in May/June. I truly appreciated that she didn't use the impending increase as a selling/closing tool to maybe sway my decision to purchase.

  6. Thanks, annie. :flowers:

    Hope I didn't/don't offend anyone? As I can see why people would be tempted by this strategy, but still.
  7. Unfortunately, we have already heard the news here, in Europe. The price of classic style increased already.:shucks:

  8. me too, I wish I hadn't parted with my Campana :shucks:, she was beautiful but I thought it would be easy to replace in the future.
  9. I agree that a rushed purchase is generally not a good idea, but I disagree that making a planned purchase ahead of schedule to beat the increase is a bad idea. I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't have a BV boutique near me, and the local department store selection is poor, so I can be considering a bag purchase for months. I mulled over getting a nero Veneta for six months before I finally decided to get it. I knew I wanted it, and I had the money for it, but I just wasn't in a hurry. If I were in that situation now, where I knew I'd wanted the nero Veneta for a while and knew I'd get it eventually, I'd buy to beat the increase.

    This discussion makes me wonder about the opposite case--news of price decreases (during the sale). Surely there are some who are influenced by the idea of getting something at a lower price than the standard price. Sales are designed to encourage people to buy, too. I'd guess that more regretful purchases come from sale time than at price increase time, but I'm not as much an avid shopper as others, and I could be way off.
  10. I have noticed fewer reveals and bags hitting the outlets sooner. Do love the elegant understated BV look but not at 15% more. I'm not sure that the price increase is a valid approach long term.

    Anybody considering a bayswater DO IT! I have three. Darwin leather gets more beautiful with age ( like women!!)

  11. Well, the reason it's a bad idea, is that it encourages them to do it (i.e. huge, forewarned, price hikes), more and more; which, along with destroying unsold items (which I believe LVMH also do? Although, not sure whether they do it with their BV stuff?), results in the market never being allowed to find anywhere near its true level.

    It's a bit like rewarding an already naughty child, for threatening to be even naughtier soon;

    'I know I have been shouting at you every day, for six months, for no good reason, mother - but you'd better buy me that icecream now, anyway, as I intend to start spitting on you, repeatedly, in half an hour's time!'! :lol:

    Yes, I agree that the whole sale debacle is often pretty silly, too, because they severely overcharge, with the idea of then holding fake 60% off sales, or whatever; but there is something even more pernicious with this; 'Quick, quick, buy now at our already overinflated prices, or forever regret it!' nonsense, IMO.
  12. Well, we disagree. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not interpreting this price increase as being a scheme by BV or their test of a business model. I don't think they're necessarily trying to manipulate customers into buying quickly (although some pushy SAs might use it that way, that hasn't been my experience). I think it's just simply a price increase. It happens.

    By the way, BV is not LVMH, and they don't destroy their old stock. They don't have "fake 60% off sales," either. Very little goes on sale lately, and it's usually 30%. Most things actually sell at full price and never go on sale at the boutiques (different story at other retailers).
  13. prices go up everywhere
    have you seen the price of a gallon of milk lately
    I live is SNJ where gas prices have not hit $4 yet
    gas here is $3.71 A gallon of milk is now $3.89
    Nobody is complaining about the cost of milk going up???? of course it is not 20%
    don't you want you SA to get a raise LOL
    they won't but........
    everything goes up nothing comes down

  14. Um, BV is owned by LVMH (and has been for some time). So, yes, it is LVMH, now (to all intents and purposes).

    I was talking generally about fake 60% off sales - I assumed you were referring to other design houses, as well, in respect to sales, not just BV?

    Sorry if I misunderstood you.

    It is Bernhard Arnault's/LVMH's business model, to do this steep price increase thing - he appears to introduce this model to every brand he takes over, to one extent or another.
  15. I think BV is owned by the Gucci Group which is owned by PPR...