Price increase???

  1. doreenjoy:
    I have never read a post so on the money as this one. Karma for the great comments. The most wealthy people I know (whether it be from old money or newfound riches) are much more concerned with having rich life experiences, like spending a month's vacation in Africa, or donating money to trauma centres for life-saving equipment. They have maybe three or four classic designer pieces and that's it. I think as you mentioned, in another thread, the truly wealthy don't need expensive bags to flash in other peoples' faces. Their class and respect for money speaks for itself. I doubt some of these ladies have even heard of ThePurseForum - and that's not meant to disrespect anyone here.
    I love beautiful pieces as much as the next person, but it makes you wonder how far a lot of these design houses will go. How much more are any of us willing to spend on another Roma tote? If it increased to $5000 would you still buy it? Do I really need it in three different colours? How does it make any of us that work full-time jobs, feel about how they are trying to push us out of their market? So because I am a Dental Hygienist, I am not "allowed" to carry BV? They want to keep the prices high so as not to cheapen their image by selling to the riff-raff?
    What gives?
  2. doreenjoy, you make such a good point!!! You're always soooo smart! It is so true about the old money. Their interest is in charities and organizations and not in materialism so much. I guess they are then going after "group 1", the very small celebrity market (I emphasize small because some are given to them), and the nouveau riche.
  3. Thanks for the info! I will buy my bag now!!
  4. Well, I am not in Group 1, 2 or 3! You are so right though DoreenJoy.
    I'm not rich, I am not even close to rich, so I probably dont need to be buying BV.
    But I love leather. I think there is an art to leather. Some people love diamonds and jewelry and cars and CLs, I love leather.
    But I am to the point where my BV is just as good as my Tods which is just as good as my RM or even the cheapy Hogan I got last week...It was a color I wanted so I got it. Or even the $35 unknown made in Italy vintage bag coming in a week or so that is an intrecciatto bag.
    I dont HAVE to have BV. I just wanted it. But I dont belong here. I cant keep up. I just think I should be able to as someone said before "live vicariously" through all of you that can afford to buy one!

    Dont mind me, I am just having a "debbiedowner' moment!

  5. your check is in the mail. :hugs: :lol:
  6. You belong here as much as anyone! :flowers: I'm definitely not in any of the 3 groups either, but I love handbags!

    My best friend makes bunches and tons of money, and she would not spend more than $200 on a bag!!
  7. :lol::lolots:
  8. Some stores may not have updated their retails (yet).

    I bought a Cervo Hobo at SF NM two days ago (06/03) for $1,400. The BV Boutique in SF & online stores are reflecting a price of $1,680 (increase of $280).
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    While I didnt see any price increase in the states this year, I saw the price hike of $400(large veneta hobo) - $700(brick) In china as of June 28.

    even so, Bv bags are more reasonable priced compared to coach(sells at 200% of American price), Burberry, Gucci etc(sells at 140%). It's priced at 120% of American tag before June .

    I am very happy that I was able to get a few bags(4 actually, including a green maxi veneta hobo, a shock cervo hobo, 2 black bags) at 65% off from neimanmarcus. After seeing other people paying ridiculous
    prices, I felt I am in haven and bought a lot of bags otherwise I wouldn't
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    Frankly, I think the pricing of BV is rather reasonable, when compared to that of LV, Hermes or Chanel. And the quality is pretty amazing as well, especially when it comes to exotics.

    Even then, as a rule of thumb, I NEVER buy anything unless it is marked down to at least 50% of the retail price, and if I'm going to pay north of $1000, I should be getting at least 60-65% off. If one keeps an eye on sites like Bluefly, Rue La La, or waits for the bi-yearly Barneys or Saks or Neiman's sake, it's odds-on one might get the very same item one is looking for - and if not, something well-nigh similar - for quarter the price. I recently scored a Large YSL chyc cabas tote which retails for $2150 + tax for $650 and no sales tax and a BV wallet and cosmetic case at 50% of the price. I'm not too fussy or a fashion victim, and will most certainly not buy something because it's 'in'. If I'm looking for a chain bag, I'd rather get a Lanvin from Barneys by paying $850 or a Dior from Bluefly at $1500 than pay $5000 + tax for a Chanel. I'll NEVER buy a Céline Luggage, simply because I don't even find that bag attractive or practical - too heavy for a handheld bag, or a Bal bag - again, too heavy for a handheld bag. It's the same with the Chanel GST's/WOC's/flaps and the Speedys/Birkins/Kellys. I've learnt a lesson after buying a stupid Chloe Paddington bag a couple of years ago - for in retrospect, it's quite an unattractive and impractical bag. I shall never make that mistake again. On the other hand, a rather plain looking YSL tote that I got around the same time still looks classy and sophisticated and timeless.

    See, whilst I love well made and beautiful leather bags, and think, for instance, that a BV bag often looks MUCH better than a Coach bag and if cared for properly, is something of an investment because it's just so classy and timeless without being in your face, I can never justify paying those prices they retail for. Whilst undoubtedly true that up to a point, you do get what you pay for, the pricing of some of the brands like Chanel, LV and Hermes is utterly indefensible. I understand the luxury aspect, but not being filthy rich and not being the sort of person that likes to flash (indeed, I'm too self-conscious to carry something instantly recognisable), I don't see the point of paying $10K for a Birkin, or $5K for a Chanel. And some houses just don't even make bags which are even aesthetically very attractive - I'm looking at Jimmy Choo, Ferragamo, Valentino et al. The bags just look repetitive and boring, and SO not worth the small fortune they retail for.

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    I have to say that I have the same feelings about those IT bags. I didnt buy any of those bags either, although I own a Chloe patty.

    Those IT bag phenomena just like Coach bag in China.

    As of Hermes & Chanel bags, I think Im done with Chanel considering the outrageous prices. They are not good for daily use anyway, and I have a few for special occasions. I would like to get a Trim though, then my collection is all set. :smile:)
  12. I guess more reason to buy used, carefully.
  13. The prices sure have gone up. Back in January I inquired about the Large Campana at a BV boutique and I checked again last week. The price has gone up by 13%!
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    Mdlcal 28, you are not alone in your concerns. About a week ago, I felt the same way. Now, I think we both belong here. TPF is a sisterhood of BV love.

    I am aware that most people on tpf are more affluent than I am. But we are all here because of our appreciation for something beautiful, right? It seems to me that this appreciation for beauty crosses all socioeconomic lines. As a teacher, I certainly don't require, nor can I afford, a bag wardrobe of someone who is in a high profile position. I am 62, and just purchased my first new BV a few months ago.
  15. These price increases may be a boon to the resale market. Three of my four bags were purchased resale. Partly because they are no longer current models, but price certainly had a place in my decisions.