Price Increase

  1. Does anyone know if Gucci raised their prices in the last two weeks?
  2. :amazed: I hope not.
  3. Two weeks ago, I purchased the Pelham for $1390, it is now listed at $1455. Also a bag which I purchased last November for $990, was raised to $1040 earlier this year and today it's listed for $1150.

    How often are prices raised?!?!
  4. Wow, that really sucks!:cursing:
  5. Yes, I think you are right. I just checked the prices and it appears they have increased them again. Recently, they have been having more frequent price increases.
  6. all the bags increased by about 35 bucks. I'll just wait til the Dec sale to get a wallet, because the wallet I have right now has been beaten to death.
  7. I also remember two years ago the eclipse shoulder bag was 625$, and right now its 725$!!! That's a $100 increment....!
  8. YES!! I haven't been on here in a while, nor have I checked in a while but I'm POSITIVE that they had a price increase! :sad: Does anyone know when this happened? I knew that LV had increases, but I didn't even think about Gucci having them. Does anyone know how often they happen?
  9. Yikes!
  10. Usually with every new season a collection comes out.. but I guess they felt the need to raise it again. I recall the Princy shoulder bag running for 795$, and now its 830$. :cursing:
  11. Oh no! I think you're right - they HAVE increased! Gosh, and I thought this Fall's collection was overpriced enough as it was!

    Usually things are priced according to supply and demand - there's still supply, the demand hasn't really increased - so why the increase? they can't always use the Euro excuse, bec. they didn't decrease prices when the Euro goes down!
  12. Yup, they sure did - the 2 purses I bought last month went up. My Abbey med shoulder went up from $695 to $725. Then my Princy Med Boston went from $795 to $830.
  13. Prices have definitely gone up.
  14. No next purchase will be during December sales anyways!
  15. Yup, Prices Sure Did Go Up, I Had Ordered The Black Leather Horsebit Hobo And It Was $1150 Before Now It's $1205... The Sa Said She Would Give It To Me At The Lower Price Since I Ordered It Before The Price Increase!