price increase..

  1. LV here in manila already had a price increase.. i dont know when was the exact date (i guess ...september..):hysteric: :yucky:
  2. I don't know but are prices different everywhere? because in Hawaii it's like 5% cheaper, according to the SA, the last time I bought stuff but I don't know if it still is.
  3. oh no........................ :sweatdrop:
  4. i think its different...
    since price increase in the states happened in june
    but price increase in hong kong didnt happen until august
  5. hmmm imagine the price for an alma(damier/mono) is almost $1100..i thought it was like $100 more expensive than on elux, but its $200 more... :confused1: Even if our currency (PH peso) is moving up .. :confused1: the price should go down ugh!:cursing: :hysteric:
  6. As far as I know price increases are different in every country due to region and currency.....AND even though Hawaii is part of the US it does tend to be 3-5% cheaper on average however that fluctuates and sometimes it's that amount higher than the continental US......I visit every year for the past 7 years and I've noticed this over the years, the past couple years it has been cheaper but in 2003 when I purchased my Black MC pochette it was a little more expensive (but only like $10).... 04 and 05 have been cheaper so far...
  7. Prices in Canada went down 4%... & since our tax also went down 1%, that's 5% decrease!!!