Price Increase

  1. Does Anybody know when the next price increase will be? maybe before the holidays?
  2. Don't will be the third times this year if LV decide to increase the price ..:hysteric: :hysteric:
  3. Another increase!?!? :wtf:
  4. OK so like i 10 years with a 1000 dollar bag cos 3k? Or am I overreacting, do they do it every year?
  5. I have not heard of any increase. If there were to be an increase, I think it would be the hot topic on this forum.
  6. no not again...please no
  7. Noo:huh:Ooo:huh:OOo:huh:Ooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ok Thanks i was JW
  9. Thanks Goodness!!!
  10. I haven't heard that either..I thought they only did 2 per year..
  11. That would suck if they increased the price again so soon. :sad:
  12. Shhhh, LV might hear you...don't give them any ideas.
  13. No, I haven't heard anything about this! Please, no! I barely convinced my mom to buy the Mirroir speedy when it comes out! You know how hard that was! Imagine another price increse! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  14. :confused1: so they only do it twice a year then? I know they had one June 13...and the other hike was prior to that??:s
  15. I always thought that Vuitton only has yearly price increases. I wonder why it happened 2x this year?? My facialist has the idea that it's because the Euro went up.. :shrugs:

    I hate the increases though.. :yucky: