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  1. When is the next price increase? If the American dollar goes up in value again, will there be a price decrease? If LV only increases the price I can't imagine paying $2000.00 for a Speedy 25 in about 10 years, or however the rate of price increase is.
  2. People are guessing next price increase in November 2008. I hope it's not true though.
  3. November I hope not, thats way to soon as they just increased their prices
  4. yikes November is right around the corner
  5. I hope not. I won't be able to get a bag until December, so I'm hoping to beat the next increase. :sweatdrop:
  6. nice price increase is in 5 minutes! Seems like it huh. A bag I had and sold is up 200 from last year! Insane!!!
  7. Price increase AGAIN?? I hope that is not true. :crybaby:
  8. I think my heart and wallet would not be able to take it if there is going to be another increase before 2008 is over!!!
  9. no official word yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was one right before the holidays. i doubt there will be a decrease if the dollar gains value. the market can still bear their current pricing so i don't think they'd want to decrease prices.
  10. my SA said that there will be one before 2008 is over :/
  11. Before 2008 is over? Already?? I better buy what I want now then!!
  12. if that is so, then 4 increase a year. ...very sad
  13. same here. I best be buying everything by December then, and that'll be the end of it all for me. :cry: *shakes fist at LV*
  14. We JUST had an increase less than a month ago... argh they can't possibly increase again before 2009 :sad:

  15. A price decrease?! I wish!
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