Price Increase?

  1. I've been reading some of the threads with people saying that there was a recent price increase at Chanel? Can anyone confirm this? My Chanel SA didn't mention anything, when I spoke to her a couple days ago but just making sure..
  2. When I bought my Chanel J12 a few months ago there was a price increase of about 6%. So yes, there was a price increase just recently.

    ETA: There was also an increase about October 2005 I believe.
  3. Oh. I was thinking there was an increase like a couple weeks ago..
    I bought my first double classic flap a little over a month ago and am looking to buy my next, very soon, and would cry (and kick myself) if there was an increase between the month long time frame.hehe.
  4. It could be due to a weaker dollar vs. the euro. Not necessarily a general price hike.
  5. I think so too cuz whenever I ask my SA she says she'll have to wait till the product is here and see whats the rate of the Euro and then convert it!