price increase

  1. how often does chanel increase their price? how much usually is the increase? ive been planning to buy a small balck caviar classic far as i can remember it was around $1800+ ther last time i checked and now i heard its $2200? need help! info :smile:
  2. there's not a set % on increarse or time intervals, just how Chanel sees the market fits. It hadn't have any price increase for a while, than we get hit hard with them back to back at insane % increase.
  3. ^:yes:
    there's no predictable schedule.
    They had some big increases last year but before that they didn't have any for more than 2 years.
    You never know:nogood:
  4. thanks for the info
  5. btw was i right about the price for the small caviar chanel classic flap?
  6. If you mean the medium/large size which used to be $1,595, now they are $2,395. Not sure about small size though. Do a search and you will find the price information for all size classics.
  7. the thread in the Reference Library for Flaps & Reissues has all the prices for the past several years:yes: