Price Increase!

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  1. Did a little surfing on eLuxury and today. Everything went up! I can kick myself now for hesitating....:crybaby:
  2. yes, everything went up by 4-5%. there will likely be another increase next july/august.
  3. Will it ever stop:crybaby:well we no it won't but we can wish now can't we.
  4. never ends:tdown:
  5. omg >.< i feel your pain... i shouldn't have hesitated also!
  6. Is this going to be a permanent semi-annual thing?
  7. I think it's been so far.
  8. I think this is really crazy. As much as I love LV, I will soon stop buying their bags if this continues. Either that or I will only purchase on eBay for a substantial discount.

    I think LV thinks that because they have lower starting points than some other designer bags they can catch up without losing market share. However, I think the reason LV is so popular is because people have been able to afford the Speedy and then go on from there. Now they are pricing a lot of people out of the Speedy market. Not a good idea.
  9. yes, LV has biyearly price increases, sometimes tri. but the more our US dollar declines in value, the more we can expect to see price increases on all international goods.
Thread Status:
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