Price Increase

  1. Is it me or did the prices go up again? I wanted to get the H buckle belt and it was 275 GBP and now it's 295GBP!!!
  2. It was suppose to happen in January...anyone in the US with any confirmation of the price increase? Ugh!!
  3. oh lucky us, as if we weren't getting ripped off already :cursing:

    with any major purchase it's seriously cheaper to take a day trip on the eurostar if you live in london :wtf:
  4. Yeap prices went up in Germany as well...the H-belt reversible was 384 Euros just a couple of days ago and is now 402 Euros which equivalents a price increase of roughly 4,7 %.

    By the way: I just realised that this with the current GBP vs. Euro rate makes the belt for example even more expensive here than in the UK. gave me an exchange rate of 295 GBP = 395.02 Euros!

    I'll probably do some damage to my Kelly fund when I'll visit the Paris in April or in June when I'll be in France for my holidays.
  5. I was told USA February at about 8%
  6. Thanks so much. I just checked the US website and scarf prices are still the same.
    So should I go shopping this month for things on my wish list???
  7. Oh, RC:heart:, you should go shopping every month:tup:
  8. Yes Rocker Yes....

    Quick go shopping and tell us everything you buy before the end of the month :p
  9. YES, and next month, the month after.....the month after......
  10. I should have bought the belt when I was in the US over Christmas! Now I'll have to put more $$ aside for my birkin. Better go shopping quick if you're in the US.
  11. Well here we go.... looks like it's starting:yucky: I bet 345. to 348.50 US for a scarf
  12. I was told by the managing director it will be around 12% increase in February
  13. ^^Look at all my enablers!
  14. I knew there was going to be a price increase, but
    yikes! Twelve percent? Do I buy an agenda for my
    graduation present in the summer or just put it towards
    the Bolide fund?
  15. Hurry RC :graucho: