Price increase

  1. So when's the next price increase? I'm planning to go sometime this week but I'm feeling a bit lazy to go today.
  2. I chatted with eLuxury today and asked them when LV was going to increase their prices and the person said sometime next week. Also said that it will go up 5%.
  3. june 12, from a LV SA at South Coast.
  4. 12 th of June in CA.
  5. June 12th in Chicago
  6. Hey, I dunno if this is off topic or not, but when there's a price increase on, do the actual LV stores also increase their price accordingly? thanks!
  7. Wondering if there will be a price increase in Europe also, since I haven't heard anything yet. :hrmm:
  8. Yes, the stores itself increase their prices also. :mad:

  9. no pice increase in europe.
  10. June 12 or 13, from an SA in Orlando.
  11. Our anniversary is on June 13th, DH better hurry! ;) hehehe j/k! :lol:
  12. mid june from a sa in ca. 5%.
  13. good gosh, didn't they just increase the prices not too long ago?
  14. YEAHH!! what is with the price increase!! :censor:

    I guess I have to make a move fast!! haaha:cool:
  15. Is it 5% all around the world or does it differ between countries?