Price increase!

  1. Hey all,
    I have been browsing through the purse forum for so long- all of your collections make me QUITE envious!

    I just took a look at the photo post for the Chanel Classic Flap bags and I was actually going to go for it until I saw the terrifying price increase (almost 2500$ for a Med Caviar Classic Bag?!!).

    I suppose my question is- are these price increases going to continue? Should I just buy one now before another increase (lol how will I justify this one)?:shame:
  2. I think there will always be price increases...just the way it goes. The way many including myself have thought is it just bite the bullet now. lol!
  3. my sA told me tody that there wlil be another price increase in may
  4. Another one? :o
    Hopefully its not another 20% rise...
  5. There will always be increases. We can hope it won't be for awhile but I'm sure there will come another one. Best to start saving now is my advice!
  6. its a bit scary, isnt it? Yet i keep buying Chanel. I feel like a kid on the playground who is being pushed around by someone bigger than myself yet i keep trying to "please" the bully by coming back for more....actually, not a bad analogy at all! addiction is a tricky thing, but i would much rather it be chanel bags than drugs lol LOL
  7. ^^ Very funny... but true!
  8. they just had an increase?!?!? OMG!! great thing i bought my classic flap a few weeks ago. so thankful!
  9. they didn't have one for more than 2 years before this year, maybe they'll slow the increases again:shrugs:
    My advice? Buy what you want when you see it. . . . you never know!
  10. ^^sad.................but true. Buy before you die.
  11. claudia you are so funny!
  12. buy it!!!!
    my principle = if i see what i like, i buy. the classics will never be on sale. the price can only go one way which is UP!
  13. if you leave it any longer.. the price will just keep on increasing!
  14. Yipes!

    Thanks goodness the colorful classics and reissues will be coming out before then, we can nab them and hopefully round out our collections ladies (the must-have pieces at least). whew...

  15. yep, we need more colour!