price increase?

  1. hello
    yesterday I was at the lv store. I looked at the monogram shawls. I dont look on the price, because i was 2 weegs ago there and there were the price 265 euros.

    I will buy one in november so I went out and was simply happy.
    But my friend tell me that she has seen a price about 300 euros.

    But that can't be the price for the monogram shawl or? :s
  2. when you look on the site you see 2 different monograms shawls
    one is normal and 255 (+5% in the rest of europe)
    the other is monogram lurex and that one is 290 (+5%)
    maybe your friend is talking about the lurex one?
  3. all shawls are in the same thing. so I'm sure you are right !!

    thank you so much !!:yahoo::woohoo:

    Now I can dream of my monogram shawl:graucho:
  4. sweet dreams! :happydance: