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  1. Ok After Seeing That Belt that bag luv_r bought- I had to call And Order It From Indra at chanel boutique at tysons.. i got the white- it also came in black. She Asked Me About Getting That White Gst And She Told Me That Monday Prices Are Going Up, Not In May Like She First Told Me. She Said They Got The Email last night.... Wow These Price Increases..
  2. OMG!! I have to go and get stuff today!
  3. so do u know what the price increase for PST and GST??
  4. So wait, ARE the flaps going up or not?
  5. AGAINNN?? whats up really! gosh.
  6. :wtf:please tell me that the flaps are not going up...
  7. Someone said earlier that the flaps were indeed going up as well by about 8%.:shrugs:
  8. all the classics are going up as well.
    indra called me back..
    the pst and the gst's
    its getting really ridiculous

  9. Are they trying to be more ostentatious than Chanel already is??! I mean, I love that they're exclusive so not everyone has one, but come on! This is absurd!
  10. Maybe it's just me, but sure seems like alot of price increases:confused1:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.