Price increase -- worldwide??

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  1. I read another thread that the price increase will be effective in November. Does anybody know this is US only or worldwide? I am going to Paris late October, so just want to get more info about this! Thanks!
  2. I was just thinking about this, so I'm bumping this up...
  3. i'm wondering about this too. going to paris in november and hoping to pick up a little something from chanel...
  4. I don't know but I called Chanel stores last month regarding the camelia ring, and they said they didn't have anymore but would have a shipment in winter (september I think) and it would be a little more expensive, but they didn't know if the ring would be the same or a new one... So not sure. I hope they won't though (I live in France :p)
  5. Thanks babylovermika. Please keep us up to date. TIA!!!
  6. such a bummer...
    I need a fatter wallet!