Price increase> Why are you still buying?

  1. I agree. After reading some posts on here at times I've been reluctant to buy Chanel. So far, thank GOD I've had no issues.
  2. I already bought a medium classic few years ago, a Reissue beginning of this year and a GST this summer. I think I'll stop buying unless they have special color or style that attract me.
  3. lots of people have been finding brand new bags with flaws. things such as crooked CC, loose stitching, etc. i personally got a bag (that i returned) with a nocticeably crooked flap. someone had an issue with their WOC ripping in the leather, after not that much use. all of this should not happen with bags that cost this much.
  4. Thank you gymangel812 for bringing this main point up about the increase of these bags.

    I did created a thread here asking for a assistance on my Half Moon WOC.
    I got the half moon for three weeks and i only uses it on the weekend.
    I see big gaps between the chains on both side of the bag. I cant return them or exchange them.
    Due to this incident, I will not buy any chanel bags in the store. I rather shop in a second hand website for better return policies. When I bring it to the store for return or exchange, I passed the return/exchange date. I cant anything about it.
    I was forced to pay extra 80 dollars to have them fix the gap on the chains. It was sad already when there is a increase but I was charged more for their mistake.
    It was really disappointing.
  5. Even though some people have had quality issues with a newer Chanel bag, I personally haven't. If I happen to have a quality issue in the future with a Chanel bag it may effect my views of the brand, but until then I still love Chanel and I love all the new bags I have.
  6. that is very interesting because as far as I know - CHANEL will repair or exchange anything bought from the boutique that was proved faulty - for over a year after purchase. Where did you buy it from?
  7. I can prove you wrong. You can only exchange or repair for a month with no cost if it was proved faulty. I cant prove anything.
    I bought it exactly from the same SOHO Chanel store where I get it repaired.
    The SA told me that i have to pay for the repairment because when it came out of the box, it was brand new and even the strap is sealed with the clear foil. She said I worned out the chain and thats why there is a huge gap.
    She stated herself and the manager DAWN received new wocs that day she called me about new wocs arrivals because she knew i didnt like the sevurga woc & wants to exchange it. So I told her to put a hold on the half moon and the quilted caviar woc. When I got there, i didnt get to try out the bag because the straps were sealed.
    That is why I have to pay for the repairs. It was brand new and Dawn stated herself that I worned out my woc and was my mistake even i told her that I used it three times for like few hours.

    I still have no idea how i made that gap. I used it when I went to see a movie and get dinner with my friend on Saturday and grocery shopping on Sunday.
  8. This would infuriate me. You know you only wore the bag for a few hours, a few times yet she's saying that its YOUR fault. Unless you went rock climbing with the bag on your shoulder I don't think you should have to pay for the repair. No decent bag, especially one with a Chanel pricetag, should wear out this quickly. Just my opin.
  9. I believe you get better service and resolutions when you shop at the department stores. There is no Chanel store in my area so I've never shopped at one.
  10. Thats why SA told the manager to come over for assistance. Dawn stated SA called me after opening the boxes because she knows i didnt like the sevurga and wanted exchange for something else.
    Even I remembered it myself that when I saw the half moon or the quilted caviar woc, the chain was sealed with clear foil and wrapper. SA told me that is brand new and just came in yesterday.
    I can even look up the thread with pictures of the gap on my bag.
    To be honest, I used the bag three times on a movie, dinner and grocery shopping and the gap on the chain was big. I was so disappointed. I bought the bag right after the increase and i got even more disappointed. Dawn took a look at the bag and stated even if the exchange was available, we cant do it because it was worn.
    Sorry to disappoint you girl. I paid for the repair because i didnt want to scratch the chain.
  11. Chanel SOHO is so close to me. Maybe around 10 blocks away from my place.
    If I go to bloomingdales or Saks, I need to take the train.
  12. ^^I think I would call Chanel corporate and ask about their repair policy. I know they used to offer a year warranty. I had a flap that had the same problem and the chain actually broke because the links came apart and they fixed it for free. To only use the bag 3 times and have to pay $80 out of pocket is ridiculous. I would have been livid. That, in itself, is enough to never buy another Chanel bag!
  13. I bought my first (and only so far) Chanel in July 2010 for $3100 and haven't purchased another because of the insane price increase! I'm considering purchasing the grand shopping tote but I keep finding other bags that I'm more in love with & my Chanel budget keeps
  14. I cant argue with them.
    they both can prove that the bag was brand new and came from the factory. it should have no problem. Dawn stated herself that if you want a exchange, u can do it in the exchange period with the same condition. She told me that this bag was worn and she stated she remembered the chain was wrapped up.
    It was my mistake that I didnt check inside before purchasing it.
  15. I wouldn't care what the SA said, if I bought a brand new Chanel and the links were coming loose or apart after only 3 uses or a month or so, you better believe I would pursue this and NOT pay a penny getting it repaired if it wasn't due to misuse on my part. The squeaky wheel gets the grease! I'd talk to the store manager in person first, and if no results I'd send emails and make phone calls to corporate! I'd show them the bags I've purchased in the past too so they see you are a good and repeat customer. If I'm very dissatisfied with a product or service, I always speak up and 99% I get results.