Price Increase thread

  1. Is the price increase still going to occur September 1st, or later. (November 1st)

    There has been several different opinions regarding this matter.

    Just I need to know how fast I need to jump on the bag wagon.

  2. Any opinions out there.......:confused1:
  3. great question! i need to know too! the SA at Saks did tell me there will be an increase. he just wasn't sure exactly when but did allude to sometime in september.

    i am so close to getting a chanel bag but i can't decide on which one. and i leave at the end of sept. to germany for a month so i would love to have the bag before then.
  4. I thought it was in November
  5. Well there as been so many conflicting threads regarding this increase. Some say it is September.......some say it is November. I guess we will know soon; since September 1st is this Saturday. Then again it may not occur until the middle or the end of September. Way to much pressure. Buy now (due to increase) or have more time to decide on what to buy (if increase doesn't take effect until November)
  6. You could buy now what you think is your choice and at least you will have locked that item in at the lower price ....IF you find you want something else...well you can return the purchase and apply towards other bag - but you will be purchasing at higher price...assuming the price increase has started....:rolleyes:
  7. This is seriously giving me a headache! Man, Chanel really is making out aren't they?
  8. Neimans is still sticking by September 1st!!!
  9. whoa! that's just a few days from now...
    I don't quite get why Neimans wants to do this in Sept while BG and Nordie won't start theirs till Nov. Don't think that's a very smart move...
  10. I don't think that is a smart move by NM either. Customers will just go elsewhere to make their purchases.
  11. ^Well Saks already upped their price. And this was just the manager of the Chanel area in the BH Neimans saying this. But you know how clueless all those people can be. Who knows if she is even right hehe.
  12. Oh, I know. They can be so clueless sometimes. It all depends on what store and SA you talk to.
  13. I hope thev boutiques stick with Nov or it will nip my budding interest in Chanel in the bud. I also hope NM will price match as I found a wonderful SA at Neimans who I would like to give her my business.
  14. I hate feeling like I have to make a purchase before a price increase. Lucky theres nothing I am wanting right now.