Price Increase this November!

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  1. Ladies, just fyi:

    According to an SA from Celine Miami, there will be a 10% price increase effective Nov 1st.
  2. Ugh -- do you know if this price increase will apply to all Celine bags across the board, or just specific styles?
  3. Sorry I didnt ask for specifics but for sure it will apply to luggage totes since my SA and I were only discussing about this specific style HTH
  4. :pout: Seriously?!?!

    Get Trio now or save for Lindy? Decisions, decisions...
  5. I think it might be more than 10%, I talked to a SA at NM yesterday. She said mini will be 2700, which currently 2400.
  6. Is it include Trapeze and Phantom?
  7. Sorry I dont know :sad:
  8. I heard that there will be a 300 increase for trapeze and 400 for mini
  9. I also heard the same. Even for pre-orders the price has changed so I assume the increase is confirmed.
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    so its true that price is gg to increase. Aloha rag sent the SS2013 product catalogue and mini will be at $2700 and micro at $2500.
  11. :rant:Bah! Mini is already $2800 in Australia with all the taxes etc. They'll be Chanel prices in no time.
  12. :sad::pout::nono:
  13. Didn't the mini initially start at $1300 or so back in 2010? It has more than doubled in less than three years!
  14. WOW that insane!!!!
  15. Except that Chanel keeps going up too.
    So...Celine will be Chanel prices
    Chanel is trying to have Hermes prices
    Hermes prices are small car prices!