Price Increase Takes Effect Tomorrow at NM for All New Chain Bags!

  1. Just got a call from Lisa Hamlin to let me know that all of the New Chain Collection (all chain, no leather on the strap) for Chanel are going up in price as of TOMORROW! So the Jumbo, Medium, pochette with new chain are all going up in price. She said the Jumbo is going up from $1850 to 2250!:wtf: So today is the last day to get it at the $1850 price!

    Call Lisa if you are interested in anything before the price hike at (248) 635-8442!
  2. Anyone have a pic of the jumbo w/ the new chain?? Never seen it before
  3. What about the flaps with the old chains?? Are their prices staying the same? Thanks!
  4. yep, the old flaps are staying as is

    iluvbags...sorry, i'm at work, it's not too convenient to copy and then post pics...i believe someone has posted 1 in red lambskin. if you check the reference library it may be there
  5. what does the new chain collection look like? i looked in the reference section, but only saw modern chain
  6. look under the classic flap
  7. I didnt like it so much I saw it in real life...the chain was very lightweight and its okayyy but not wow...I guess it takes getting used to.
  8. darn:sad:
  9. :sad: :sad:
  10. I knew it was only a matter of time until the department stores caught up to the Chanel boutiques. Anyone who can get them pre-increase should jump at the chance.:yes:
  11. Im getting a black jumbo lambskin with new chain from NM today..leaving to get it in a few....THANKFULLY my store has ONE available..i was planning on getting it down the road anyways and since its $1850.00, I much rather buy it now then at the ridiculous amount of $2250.00
  12. I call NM back and they are saying the LAMBKIN JUMBO WITH NEW CHAIN IS $2395????? I THOUGHT IT WAS 1850$? OR 1950$
  13. BTW, I just called Lisa and her store is saying the price for the new lambskin jumbo with chain is actually $2395.00 also, NOT 1850.00
  14. The pre-increase price on Lambskin Jumbo was $1,950 - new price is $2395.:yes:

    $1,850 was the price of the medium lambskin before the increase.

    The Caviar jumbo has been at $2,250 since February 2007.