Price increase set for February 1st as a worldwide increase

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  1. Yep, the date has been leaked out and it's February 1st. Looks like LV is going to loose a lot of PF'ers :cursing:
  2. awww just in time for valentine's =[
  3. I sure hope the candy apple red Vernis comes in before the hike, I asked for my first Vernis for Valentines Day :sad:
  4. Guess that means e-Bay sellers will be asking even higher prices for any upcoming LE bags :whistle: .
  5.'s expected!!! :censor: :mad: :rant:
  6. grrr, how many price increases must my wallet endure!!!
  7. Apparently LV doesn't want me buying their stuff anymore. Fine by me. I'll save $$$ and the items I already have will be worth more in resale. Knock yourself out, LV. I'm not going to cry. :sad:
  8. Aww, so many price increases. Thats too bad. :crybaby:
  9. A normal occurance twice a year and every year I've been buying LV.... Some years like 2006 are worst with 3 increases...:lecture::smash::noggin:
  10. Heck, they lost me with the last price increase. I love some of the bags, but there's just no reason to have four price increases in about a year. The Euro isn't up that much, and since they've modernized their production methods, their costs should be going down.

    This consumer just isn't going to play their game anymore.
  11. This is getting ridiculous now.
  12. maybe they're doing this to make their brand more exclusive????
  13. i better buy my bday present early:sad:
  14. another one... boo :sad:
  15. Guess I will just have to be pickier with my next purchase.:yes: